There are a variety of ways to get involved at Adventure Works. Whether your heart lies with creating a welcoming space, assisting with events, or taking the lead with group craft projects; there is something for everyone. Our goal is to foster intentional relationships of service with compassionate, skilled people who share in our mission for youth in the community. We have many volunteer opportunities and all levels of commitment are optional. 

Due to the clinical nature of our programs, Adventure Works does not use volunteers in our work with youth.



We strive to make our agency as friendly, warm and inviting to our clients and their families as possible. One of the ways we make this possible is by decorating our porch seasonally. To this end, we have been looking to partner with individuals and/or companies that would donate supplies and labor to decorate our large front porch.  We are seeking donated neutral seasonal items and talented folks with the ability to create an attractive look for the space.  

  • Frequency of service: seasonal

  • Skill level: all levels welcome 

  • Individuals and Groups welcome 

  • Ages 16 and under must be accompanied by an adult


This opportunity is for skilled construction professionals or talented craftspeople. Our AW Builders are construction project fanatics: using their talents at carpentry, woodworking, electrical and other trades to help us with our property projects. This is a per project need opportunity appropriate for ages 18 and older. 

  • Frequency of service: Per Project Need 

  • Skill level: intermediate to expert levels 

  • Individuals and Groups Welcome

  • Ages 18 and older

Gardening & Landscaping

Have a green thumb? Look no further! AW Gardeners will help us in the maintenance and development of our property and therapeutic gardens.  

  • Frequency of service: Seasonal 

  • Skill level: all levels welcome 

  • Individuals and Groups welcome

  • All ages welcome, 16 and under must be accompanied by an adult


If you love sharing your voice and advocating for causes close to your heart, this is the category for you. AW Advocates participate in peer-to-peer fundraising and/or some capacity of fundraising on Adventure Works' behalf. This opportunity helps increase our sustainability as an organization, spreads the word, increases our engagement with our community and helps us provide our services through finances. 

  • Frequency of Service: on-going and per fundraising opportunity based on role 

  • Skill level: all levels welcome 

  • Individuals and Groups welcome 

  • Age level: all ages welcome

Pro Bono

 Are you looking to use your professional capabilities to help us with specific agency needs? Do you work for classy or salesforce? Are you an expert in wilderness survival skills? This opportunity enables us to increase the quality of our work, client experience and Adventure Works as a whole by providing a set amount of time of your specialty. 

  • Frequency of service: Per Project/Service Need 

  • Skill level: expert 

  • Individuals and groups welcome 

  • Age level: 18 and up 

Creative Arts

This category is for all photography, graphic design and videography talents. Help us show off our organization by creating content for our media and website! 

  • Frequency of Service: on-going, all-year availability 

  • Skill level: intermediate to expert preferred 

  • Individuals and groups are welcome 

  • Age Level: 16 and older preferred


Do you enjoy working collaboratively on all kinds of projects? Events is your gig! This opportunity includes roles such as setup, running of event and clean-up post event. There are a number of various opportunities within the events category.

  • Frequency of Service: Per Event 

  • Skill level: all skills welcome 

  • Individuals and groups welcome 

  • Age Level: all ages welcome. 16 and under must be accompanied by an adult.  

Craft Projects

Interested in sewing, arts and crafts? Are you a pro at using a cricut? This opportunity includes creating agency-requested crafts (ex: weighted stuffed animals, promotional materials) and/or providing the materials for the crafts.

  • Frequency of service: Per Project Need 

  • Skill level: all levels welcome 

  • Individual and Groups Welcome 

  • Ages 16 and under must be supervised by intermediate/expert skill level 




Thank you! We’ll be in touch soon!