Adventure Works Board of Directors is comprised of eight community members with diverse backgrounds who volunteer their time and talent to govern, guide, and advance our mission:


Don Billington, Board Chair 

Jane Dargatz, Board Secretary

Cynthia Luxton, Board Treasurer  

Mary Gentile, Member

Amy Oster, Member

Karen Simmons, Member

Mike Cullen, Jr., Member

Bakarr Bah, Member

Adventure Works also enjoys the support of a newly formed Advisory Board comprised of individuals from the academic and outdoor behavioral healthcare arena who volunteer their time and talent to support and guide the growth of Adventure Works on a local and national level. 
Dr. Christine Norton, PhD
Dr. Anita Tucker, PhD
Tony Alvarez, MSW
John Conway, MSW
Rick Heizer
Dr. Maddy Leibing, PhD
Dr. Brett Talbot, PhD
Derek Daley