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Adventure really Works.

Through the use of outdoor adventure activities, our therapists provide an engaging way of counseling to promote growth and change, often called adventure therapy.

Our therapists are committed to a client-centered approach incorporating the most effective and appropriate treatment options for the individual. By working as a partner in the process, therapists can help identify a client's own strengths and supports to meet their goals. This may include individual or family therapy as well as group services.


We recognize that at least one in five people in the United States are affected by negative mental health conditions. We are committed to reducing the stigma and barriers to mental health services, particularly adventure therapy, for all youth.

Thanks to grants and donations from our community, Adventure Works offers services that are free of financial obstacles for those living in DeKalb County, Illinois. Through active education, targeted communication, and community engagement; Adventure Works strives to shift the social and systemic barriers for those faced with negative mental health conditions and contribute to a healthier, stronger community.

Our Mission—

Transforming lives through adventure therapy and experiential learning.

Our Vision—

Adventure Works is a community-based, outdoor-focused, mental, social and emotional wellness resource that offers meaningful holistic growth experiences that includes the individuals we serve, and our employees, volunteers, interns, and community partners guided by the highest quality standards and practices. Adventure Works serves youth ages 3 -18 and their families. Those who live in the community of DeKalb County, IL are able to access services regardless of their ability to pay.


Adventure Works defines adventure as any engaging activity that helps clients explore their unknown to create insightful and remarkable experiences.  We believe that adventure therapy is best experienced outdoors in the context of a therapeutic relationship.

Adventure Works 2023 Impact Report
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2023 AW Impact Report  (5).png
2023 AW Impact Report  (2).png
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