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Our Mission

Guiding youth in overcoming life challenges through adventure based counseling and education.

Adventure Works serves ages 0-26 and believes that people of any age can benefit from our effective approach to counseling. In conjunction with the use of adventure activities, our therapists provide an engaging way of counseling to promote growth and change, often called adventure therapy


You can learn more about how adventure therapy is defined by clicking here. Our program is evidence supported and we were recently published in the Journal of Social Work for Groups. You can access the research here.


Adventure Works therapists are committed to a client-centered approach incorporating the most effective and appropriate treatment options for their client(s). By working as a partner in the process, therapists can help identify a client's own strengths and supports to meet their goals.  


Adventure Works recognizes that one in five people in the US are affected by mental health conditions and is committed to reducing the stigma and barriers to mental health services, particularly adventure therapy, for all youth. Thanks to grants and donations from our community, Adventure Works offers services that are free of financial obstacles for those living in DeKalb County, Illinois. Through active education, targeted communication, and community engagement, Adventure Works strives to shift the social and systemic barriers for those faced with mental health conditions to reduce negative outcomes and contribute to a healthier, stronger community. 


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