Are you looking for a way to promote mental health in your workplace?

Are you interested in supporting the community? What if you could do both? 

"It's a valuable benefit to know we have someone looking out for our mental well-being while simultaneously supporting our team and community." Amy Oster, Vice President/ of OC Creative


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What Does Partnership Look Like?


Our plan is simple—no t-shirts, no tickets, no tables for 8—just a straight-forward partnership to join your resources with ours to create a better community. Through our partnership, Adventure Works will: 

•    Provide a monthly newsletter tailored to workplace mental health to support your business in attending to the wellness of your employees. 
•    Assist your business in providing purpose for your company and your employees.
•    Recognize your business as an annual partner on our website, newsletter, and at community events which can increase brand exposure and help attract new business and relationships. 
•    Offer effective team building services according to your needs


Adventure Works has a reputation for creativity and innovation. We’re steering away from stale fundraising strategies and costly events to a focused and impact-driven approach to fostering change in the community. 


Did you know:

  • Teaching young people strong social and emotional skills has the potential to further a city’s economy by developing a more prepared workforce through active community building, and having a more engaged, critical-thinking citizenry.

  • Kids spend an average of 5-7 hours in front of screens each day and only 4 minutes outside?

  • Depression and anxiety have a significant economic impact; the estimated cost to the global economy is $1 trillion per year in lost productivity.

How can my business help?

One of our most requested programs at Adventure Works comes from our schools seeking support for students who are struggling with social-emotional deficits. These deficits not only impact learning and peer relationships but also negatively impact self-esteem and well-being and can lead to a lifetime of unhealthy outcomes. Adventure Works currently works with eight schools around the county providing social-emotional skill-building groups to their students. Our goal is to continue to grow this program to match the needs of students. In doing so, we need partners to financially support our work.

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For-Profit Company Benefits




Increase Sales & Revenue

Develop Customer & Brand Loyalty

Provide Purpose for Company & Employees

Receive Tax Deductions for Contributions

Attract New Business Partners & Relationships

Increase brand exposure 

Reintegrate and Reengage Your Team and Leadership

For-Purpose Organization Benefits

Increase Funding & Expand Donor Base

Strengthen Brand Recognition

Provide Professional Development

Create Earned-Income Opportunities

Attract Volunteers and Board Members

Organizational Development


"Everyone at OC Creative enjoys receiving the Adventure Works newsletter each month! The content is timely and our staff finds it helpful for self-care at the office" 

Brian and Amy Oster

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Alleviate the poverty of positive experiences affecting those living in poverty, providing healthy outdoor access for all. 


Reduce stigma associated with treatment of mental illness by creating access to the outdoors and integrating nature and adventure in the counseling process.


Become a national model for youth mental health treatment.